Workshop Information Resources September 2017

Gardening Protocols and Preparations

Planting Mix:

This is the material that you plant into when planting seedlings

1×10 litres of compost
1x Handful of lime
1x Handful of KateK fertaliser

You should use the EM on a Monday and Friday afternoon every week to get high quality veggies
How to determine the vitamin and nutrient value or veggies using a Brix device.

This is a video that explains what the system is and how to use it.

The following is a Brix chart that you compare your results to this will allow you to know if your improving the quality of your growing. Low results = low quality.

Organic Pest Management:

Neem oil for the management of grasshopper aphids and other pests as well as plant disease.

Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) Dipel for caterpillars

We sell an organically certified variety of Dipel at our market stalls.

It is most important to use a certified Dipel for pest control 

Health Tips:

How to make a drink that you drink all day long.

1 x Whole Lemon
1 mil of One Organic Ionic Minerals
Some Grated Ginger and Tumeric 
1/8 of a teaspoon of Keltic Sea Salt
1 Litre of Distilled water or highly filtered water.

What you do is blend up the lemon as per the following video with 1 Litre of Distilled water or highly filtered water.

Once that is done put it in a jug in the fridge.

Each day 3/4 fill a 1 litre jar with a lid and add around 30 mil of the lemon juice to the water along with all the other items listed above.

This drink will provide the following: The lemon will detox and alkalise the body / the ginger will heal the gut and improve digestion / the turmeric will act as an anti-inflammatory / the minerals will bind to heavy metals and radiation and detox the body / as well as remineralise the body / the salt-water will rehydrate the cells and the overall mix will revitalise and clean all body systems.

The average person needs to drink between 1.5-2litres of this each day. Any question drop me a line or call.

The following is the work of a great man call  Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D on Hydration 
Unfortunately he is no longer with us may he rest in peace.