Team Members

Kieran is trained as an industrial engineer and owned and operated businesses in Australia and overseas for more than 3 decades he has vast knowledge in production and manufacturing that spans many industry sectors from Aerospace to Organic Farming. He has pioneered advanced technologies in the areas of water purification and micro-organisms and is well regarded in many areas of business both in Australia and other parts of the world. He was one of the founding directors of a manufacturing group in China with over 200 partnering companies he has been directing companies since his early 20’s and been active in bringing about positive change in the areas of community and the environment for decades.

Bradley is a creative with over 20 years business experience in sales, strategic planning and marketing, local government engagement, business development and national and international networking. These roles have included the need for teamwork, innovative communication with business plans and strategies, sales and financial negotiation, leadership and practical community engagement and consultations.

George has 30 years of corporate experience in financial control, leadership and management in the education and aviation industries. My extensive international exposure, due to expat stays in London, Amsterdam, Zurich and Dubai, provided me with insights into various cultures and the opportunity to be part of successful teams to achieve set goals. I have now stepped down as a finance/management executive in the corporate world and now choose to provide my knowledge and experience to start-ups and projects supporting “sustainable living”. My basic principle is “communicate, coordinate and co-operate”