Interview with Barnsdale Building Supervisor for Barnsdale Community projects
Interview with the project manager for Barnsdale Communities
Hello to all our clients and those interested in our products this video presentation is a longer version of our discussion with the supervisor of KDV Sport for those that are interested in more detail. As mentioned there is some distortion due to the wind but the responses to reduced costs improved quality and better environmental outcomes are well worth hearing.
This video was taken with Andrew Glenn the supervisor of the golfing greens at KDV sport on the Gold Coast. KDV Sport is one of the few golf courses in Australia if not the only one that is totally organic and in this presentation Andrew is explaining why he chose to move away from conventional mainstream inputs on the greens to biological inputs and the pros and cons of each result in terms of cost and quality.


It was necessary to take this video on the course to see the results, and on the day there was quite a bit of wind we have tried to minimise the distortion and also broken the video in a number of shorter question and answer segments so we apologise for some lack of clarity but the feedback was to relevant to exclude responses.

This video interview was done with a company from Vietnam that requested our assistance in a project related to producing fertiliser for the local and export markets. In this presentation Minh is demonstrating the amount of energy that is generated using our Clarity Minerals. All living organism’s require energy to live and thrive these minerals provide 42 base minerals 100 trace minerals and will detox the environments they are applied to.
This video was prepared when I was running a organic market garden and certified organic nursery during the presentation I am highlighting the results in terms of produce quality water reduction and growing in wood chip using our Effective Micro-organisms and Clarity minerals.
In this presentation I am explaining how our Clarity minerals work to detox soil animals animals and humans.